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SolengTech's World-Class Team has years of proven Engineering Experience at work for you, with a proven track record for completing projects On Time and within a Budget.
  • Professional Engineer on staff.
  • Approved Vendor at Fortune 500 companies.
  • Federal Contractor, able to accept sub-contracts.

Product Development

The SolengTech team has developed products that you have seen or held in your hands. We can take your ideas from concept, to design, and into mass production.

Embedded Systems - Telecom, Consumer, and Automotive, Open Source (Linux), VxWorks, ThreadX.

Portable Media Players - Secure Media Player system including Kiosk, Catalog, and Music Purchasing.

EEMBC - Benchmark Development, and Optimization. Authored EEMBC Version 1.1, Consumer 2.0, and Office Automation 2.0 used by over 60 Semiconductor firms.

PC BIOS - Source level access with AMI eBIOS, Award, and Phoenix Technologies.

Stars System for Texas Region 12 - Designed, and Deployed Web application used by 12,000 educators across Texas.

Advanced Battery Management - Configuration, control, and monitoring system.

Software Configuration Management - Provisioning, Customization, and Deployment of GForge production servers in IT departments.

Point of Sale - Developed OS and firmware for POS system deployed in over 400 stores US and Canada.

National Instruments - Labview applications for power measurement.

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