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Renewable Energy

Solar Energy Technologies for Commercial and Home Use

Solar Energy Technologies involve a system of Solar Panels, Smart Batteries, and Heat Generation. All of these components generate and store energy, and thus have a number of issues to be used properly and safely together. The usage of each component varies widely during the day, but the energy delivered must interface with existing home and commercial systems using known standards. Safety concerns are very real. Solar Panels, connected together, can produce damaging currents and voltages. Batteries when overcharged can have disastrous failures.


Operating a Solar Panel Array is not just charging of batteries, but also "health of panel" monitoring, output current and power,  temperature across the panel, acoustic pickup for hail detection, strain gauges for wind loading measurement, etc. With this information, there are interfaces to different power systems. The Solar Panel doesn't do battery charging, it is done by the battery vendor or custom solutions tuned to the battery technology. Usually this involves an inverter AC grid or converter to a local battery charger. The complexity is multiplied since more than one panel would charge a bank of batteries.


Soleng Technology adds value in the design and deployment of custom controller solutions that configure, manage, and provide health monitoring for arrays of Solar Panels, and Advanced Batteries. With our engineering and design experience, we can deliver a solution that reduces time to market, allows easy configuration of Panels, interfaces between power systems, and provides the health and safety monitoring for any system that creates and delivers power.


Solengtech is an engineering group with product level experience in Advanced Battery Management, Microcontroller Systems, Wi-Fi Networking and much more. We are seeking projects, and developing products that serve to jump start renewable energy products by providing systems solutions, customized for the unique issues of Solar Panels, Batteries, and the interface technology needed to safely and efficiently configure, manage, and control renewable energy systems.
For commercial customers interested our engineering services: